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Flight Membership Token – Terms and Conditions



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  • The Flight Membership Token (FMT) is available on GH-Exchange.
  • The Initial purchase value is minimum USD1,000,000, with subsequent purchases or top ups at USD100,000. 
  • The FMT services is offered exclusively to FMT members at a preferred hourly rate.
  • For non-members, the standard hourly rate shall be applied.


  • All flights schedule and payments shall be cleared at least 1 week before the actual departure date.
  • If members wish to cancel the booking after the confirmation of the related agreement, the following price would be deducted as compensation for such cancellation
    • 50% of the agreed price immediately after the agreement, or
    • 100% if the cancellation is within 1 week prior to the departure date.



  • Visitors are not allowed to enter the cockpit throughout the whole flight time. 
  • Each flight would be assigned with flight attendant(s), no outside food or catering is allowed except with prior approval. 
  • The maximum capacity for each flight is 28 people, any additional person shall obtain prior approval from the flight captain. 
  • The dining area is strictly prohibited during take off and landing. Seating arrangement during take-off and landing should follow as advised or assigned by our crews. 
  • No photo is allowed without the prior consent and permission from our crews or the guests of honour. 


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