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Luxurious Flights with FMT

The Fly Membership Token (FMT) is a private jet program owned and managed by Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank (GHDIB) that is available exclusively to our Premium Members. It offers a wide range of premium and luxury private jet travel alternatives to accommodate your unique needs, be it for business or for leisure.

The FMT jet has a luxurious cabin with a variety of facilities like reclining chairs, independently controlled lighting and temperature, as well as a private restroom. It can accommodate up to 28 passengers in its spacious cabin, and can typically fly nonstop for up to 6 hours, and is offered at a preferred hourly rate, exclusively for our members. 

Ready to Fly with us?

Invest in FMT to Enjoy Premium Privileges

Luxury and comfort journey

FMT jet comes with a wide range of flight amenities to make your flight experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

Discretion and security

FMT is committed to protect your privacy, and we will collaborate closely with security provider on all fronts.

Create your own schedule

Fly according to your own schedule, we will tailor the private jet to meet all your requirements.

Private terminal access

Go on board the minutes before the plane take-off, avoiding queue and unnecessary delays.

Exclusive FMT Rewards

Enjoy extra rewards with FMT. Any unused FMT will earn additional 3% interest per annum.

For more rules and regulations, please visit the FMT terms and conditions.

Enjoy Luxurious and Comfortable Flights with FMT


Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank

Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank (GHDIB) is one of the world’s leading digital investment banks that leverages the power of blockchain to transform the traditional financial system. Our proprietary Golden Horse blockchain is an advanced multichain blockchain system.

The GHDIB was founded by Malaysia’s prominent entrepreneur, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew.

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