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Golden Horse develops blockchain-based investments solution platform

Greetings by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew

KUALA LUMPUR: Golden Horse Investment Bank (GHIB) has launched two new digital applications using a newly developed digital finance platform using blockchain technology.

The two new apps called Golden Horse Exchange and Golden Horse Wallet is now available and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android users.

GH Exchange is an exclusive blockchain-based solution platform that allows investors to manage contractual engagements, providing users with fast and secure transactions with minimal fees through the concept of inclusive finance.

GH Wallet provides a seamless tool for multi accounts management involving different digital assets or currencies.

GHIB founder Tan Seri Lee Kim Yew said the bank launched its first SG$10 million investment fund and received overwhelming responses from the public.

Lee said the bank is planning to help entrepreneurs digitalise unique cultural projects by using blockchain technology through this investment fund, which can guarantee returns to their investors.

“The most important thing in the capital market is integrity and to provide reliable and secure services to the customers.

“And blockchain, as a highly secure and traceable technology, can protect the ownership of assets.

“GHIB will ensure that the investment is legal and comply with rules and regulations, and at the same time guarantee no capital loss,” he said.

He also encourages participants to integrate technology into their services or products to serve their customers better.

To build the Golden Horse blockchain ecosystem, GHIB will also set up a Golden Horse Blockchain Research Institute at Hainan Ecological Software Park in China, at the same time recruiting digital finance experts from Malaysia and China to form a strong back-end technology team.

In the agricultural sector, Lee said projects like vertical farming could use blockchain technology to enable smart agriculture and tackle common problems in the supply chains to produce better quality and safer food.

“If there is a need, GHIB will also consider setting up a marketing centre in Cameron Highland to integrate blockchain with agriculture and assist the farmers in applying blockchain technologies in their farms,” he added.

[Source: New Straits Times (August 6, 2021)]


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