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Greetings by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew

Cryptocurrencies have become very popular in recent years. When talking about cryptocurrencies, most people will think of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other tokens. This type of asset has many advantages, including decentralisation and the elimination of the need for intermediaries to intervene in transactions; however, it also has the disadvantage of being highly volatile and difficult to predict the prices.

In this regard, stablecoin is very different from other cryptocurrencies. Stablecoin is also a cryptocurrency that combines the stability of traditional assets with the flexibility of digital assets, so it can withstand volatility to some extent and has a relatively stable currency price. The value of stablecoin is pegged to the real-world assets, so they are unaffected by the volatility of the general cryptocurrency market. In addition, stablecoin is another method widely used in the cryptocurrency economy for the purpose of storing value and conducting transactions.

Advantages of stablecoins

  • Stablecoin has low volatility, and the prices are relatively stable
  • Stablecoin enables traders to trade in the cryptocurrency market quickly and efficiently.
  • Suitable for a different type of investors regardless of their risk tolerance.
  • The inclusion of smart contracts protects all parties involved in the transaction.

There are numerous stablecoins on the market, including Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and Golden Horse Token (GHT). All of which are 1:1 value pegged to the US dollar. Golden Horse Token (GHT), launched by Golden Horse Digital Investment bank (GHDIB), is an encrypted electronic currency, issued as stablecoin that can constantly adjust its supply to remain stable in terms of pricing.

The role of Golden Horse Token as a stablecoin:

  • Portability – payment can be made through mobile phone
  • Security – the wallet APP software is encrypted, and only the wallet owner can use the private key to operate the wallet APP
  • Attached to the US dollar exchange rate to maintain a stable exchange rate

Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank plans to initially launch a total of 1.0 billion GHT denominated in multiple currencies such as Chinese Yuan, United States Dollar, Singapore Dollar and Japanese Yen on its Golden Horse blockchain, backed by RMB1.0 billion worth of the company’s assets (approximately USD160.0 million).

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Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank

Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank Ltd (LL16429) was founded by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew. It is registered in Labuan International Business and Financial Centre and has been granted a Digital Investment Banking license by Labuan Financial Services Authority. The investment bank is currently using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), big data and other high-end technologies to build a comprehensive digital financial tool, enabling Golden Horse Investment Digital Bank to serve the real economy with a revolutionary and innovative business model.

GHDIB aims to promote the development and utilization of blockchain technology to create an innovative blockchain-based ecosystem, to promote the adoption of blockchain technology and asset digitalization across various business sectors. With core applications including Golden Horse Exchange, Golden Horse Wallet and Golden Horse Chain, GHDIB aims to provide users with enhanced security and transparency on their journey towards a digitalized future.

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