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Greetings by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 (Bernama) — On 21st October 2021,  Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, executive chairman and founder of Country Heights Holdings Berhad and Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank hosted the opening ceremony of the Guanyin Exhibition themed “Motherly Love: 33 Guanyin Art and Cultural Event” at Palace of the Golden Horses.

The Guanyin exhibition series was initiated by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, which started last September (in the lunar calendar) in conjunction with Guanyin Dan celebration (in commemorating Guanyin’s birth) with the theme “Sutra for Pandemic”.

The exhibition was also carried out twice this year, first in lunar February with the theme “Guanyin Bodhisattva Charity Exhibition”, and in lunar June, with the theme “Compassionate Spirit and Mutual Concern”.

For this latest exhibition, thirty-three exclusive Guanyin statues have been brought in for public viewing, crafted by master craftsmen from Fujian, China using agarwood.

“The pandemic in the past two years has affected not just the economy but also caused enormous stress to both our minds and bodies. It is the same for countries, corporates and individuals alike, and I believe that the Guanyin exhibition series will help to spread the compassionate spirit of Guanyin to everyone and create positive vibes throughout the society,” said Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew.

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew also mentioned that family is the spiritual foundation for all of us, while the most important person in a family is our mother. Therefore, thirty-three guardians were invited for the occasion as guests of honour to spread to society the greatness of mothers, women and Guanyin.

Venerable Master Jue Cheng from Fo Guang Shan Malaysia was also present to host the purifying ceremony and the teaching session.

Participants at the opening ceremony included Puan Sri Tan Bee Hong, spouse to Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew; Mdm Theresa Ha Seong Hee, spouse to H.E. Lee Chi Beom, Ambassador of Republic of Korea in Malaysia; Madam Khin Myo The, spouse to H.E. Aung Soe Win, Ambassador of Myanmar in Malaysia; Puan Sri Lau Ah Lan, spouse to Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong, founder of Nirvana Asia Group; Puan Sri Lim Sho Hoo, spouse to Tan Sri Tan Boon Hock, founder of Optimax Holdings Berhad; Madam Lim Bee Khim, President of National Union of Heads of Schools; as well as other esteemed leaders of society, philanthropists, and individuals.

The exhibition will be opened for public viewing from Oct 21 (Thursday) to Oct 24 (Sunday) as well as from Oct 29 (Friday) to Oct 31 (Sunday), from 9am to 5pm, at Palace of the Golden Horses.  This event will also be utilised as a venue to support local enterprises. Visitors are encouraged and required to purchase RM20 worth of merchandise (e.g. tea leaves) as entrance fee to visit the largest Guanyin exhibition in Malaysia.

The previous Guanyin exhibitions, both online or offline received overwhelming responses and gathered extensive charity support for many cultural and educational institutions as well as children of low-income families, which Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew sees as part of his responsibilities to continue the virtuous acts in the current Guanyin Dan celebration.

During the pandemic, through Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank and with the help of Bantu-Bantu Malaysia association, Tan Sri Lee has initiated several CSR programs, including more than 50,000 boxes of food basket assistance and giving out free Lung Shield TCM Herbal Tea for Covid-19 prevention.

[Source: BERNAMA]

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