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The Golden Horse Wallet’s flash exchange feature makes cryptocurrency trading easier

Greetings by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew

As an investor, where do you usually trade your cryptocurrency? Is it done through a trading platform? Did you know that you can trade your cryptocurrency directly from your digital wallet? Under normal circumstances, transactions are completed through order matching mode when you trade your cryptocurrency on the trading platform. This means that before engaging in trades via pending orders, users must first deposit funds into the trading platform. These procedures are not only time-consuming and inconvenient, but they may also incur high handling fees. However, with the built-in flash exchange function in the digital wallet, users can trade cryptocurrency more easily and with lower handling fees.

What is flash exchange?

Flash exchange allows users to complete the trade through their digital wallet without the need to deposit any fund into the trading platform. Besides, trading can be done at anytime and anywhere, and there will be no failures in the transaction as the transaction will be completed instantly at the current exchange rate.

The features of the flash exchange include:

  • Transaction can be done in the digital wallet
  • The cost of cryptocurrencies exchange will be lower due to lower handling fees
  • There will be no failures in the transaction as the transaction will be completed instantly at the current exchange rate.
  • Can have more trading pairs and the transaction is more convenient.
  • Risk-free and secure. All assets are stored in the user’s digital wallet.

Not every digital wallet in the market has a flash exchange function. On the other hand, the Golden Horse Wallet, which was developed by Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank, is one of the digital wallets that includes a flash exchange function. The Golden Horse Wallet implements a decentralized exchange system that relies on smart contracts, allowing users to complete transactions through the wallet without having to deposit and withdraw any fund, which is more convenient and time-saving.

The Golden Horse Wallet supports a variety of blockchain currencies, and users can control their digital assets and personal data through the Golden Horse Wallet. Its supernodes’ technology in the underlying consensus blockchain platform features characteristics such as high performance, high concurrency, safety and reliability, greater flexibility, ease of development, and low consumption. It also offers professional and reliable blockchain industry solutions for different business needs and use-cases.

Users can now download the Golden Horse Wallet app from the App Store or Play Store:

Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank

Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank Ltd (LL16429) was founded by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew. It is registered in Labuan International Business and Financial Centre and has been granted a Digital Investment Banking license by Labuan Financial Services Authority. The investment bank is currently using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), big data and other high-end technologies to build a comprehensive digital financial tool, enabling Golden Horse Investment Digital Bank to serve the real economy with a revolutionary and innovative business model.

GHDIB aims to promote the development and utilization of blockchain technology to create an innovative blockchain-based ecosystem, to promote the adoption of blockchain technology and asset digitalization across various business sectors. With core applications including Golden Horse Exchange, Golden Horse Wallet and Golden Horse Chain, GHDIB aims to provide users with enhanced security and transparency on their journey towards a digitalized future.

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