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Greetings by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew

It is believed that most people have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency. However, there is another essential term to understand: cryptocurrency exchanges, also known as the cryptocurrency platform.

A cryptocurrency exchanges is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies as well as for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. It also serves as the main place for price setting and distributing cryptocurrencies.

Compared to traditional stock exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges also play a role in matching transactions, market makers, and investment banks. As a market maker, it helps increase market liquidity and get a spread in trading from that. The role of the investment bank is to provide services such as cryptocurrency issuance and underwriting, as well as to collect fees from exchanges or collecting deposits.

Introduction to the Functions of Cryptocurrency Exchange System

The cryptocurrency trading system involves many aspects such as transaction matching, wallet storage, liquidity, etc. The technology development system requires a high degree of security and stability; therefore, the requirements for research and technology development are relatively high.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is primarily used for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. One of the cryptocurrencies will be used as the price unit to purchase other cryptocurrencies. The currency trading rules are also based on price priority and time priority to complete the matching transactions.


Market Data

Market price trend for each cryptocurrency in real-time.


OTC (Over-the-counter) Trading

It is quick and convenient, which greatly expands the trading channels between players.


Golden Horse Exchange

Golden Horse Exchange, developed by Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank, is a blockchain-based solution that allows our investors to control and manage contractual engagements. The token issuance system incorporates smart contracts and automates document flow, reducing overheads for all parties involved. It provides users with fast and safe transactions and data storage by realizing the concept of inclusive finance.

In addition, the newly introduced Instant Account in GH Exchange also allows new-to-bank clients to access modern digital investment banking services by opening their first trading account in a few minutes from anywhere.


Users can now download the Golden Horse Exchange app from the App Store or Play Store:

Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank

Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank (GHDIB) was founded by Malaysian entrepreneur, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew. GHDIB is a groundbreaking, fully-licensed and regulated digital investment bank. It provides B2B banking and payments services through its Banking-as-a-Service model based on the proprietary and blockchain technology platform that it uses to power its own bank.

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